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About Paul

I grew up in the Mason County area of the Upper Satsop Valley north of Elma WA where my grandfather owned a 40-acre ranch on the Cougar Smith Rd.

Fishing, photography and racing around in clunker cars on the back roads of Matlock is what I enjoyed when school was done for the day. In the summer months, my best friend and I would cut firewood to sell for gas money, car parts and camera gear.

I have a love for photography and have been an avid shutterbug since my father loaned me an old Rolli 35 mm camera when I was taking a photography class in the 9th grade at Mary M Knight high school in Matlock WA (I still have the camera).

After high school, I followed the natural direction of the local job market and began a career working in the timber industry as a choker setter. There, I learned the tricks of the trade to stay alive and the meaning of hard work. I learned how to operate a variety of heavy equipment from log skidders to bulldozers.

My best friends from school also worked in the timber industry as timber faller's and began to teach me the art of falling timber. From there, I started cutting timber throughout Mason & Grays Harbor County.

As the timber industry began to change, I knew that I too would have to make changes and began planning for a transition to escape from the woods.

In 1994, I decided that moving full time into the real estate industry gave me the best opportunity to work for myself and build a successful business which has in turn placed me where I am today.